Venue Spotlight: Russell Creek Park

Russell Creek aerial

Russell Creek Park is Plano’s premier soccer park and also hosts the occasional lacrosse or football tournament. A little known fact, but nonetheless very impressive, Russell Creek is the only park in North America having seven cricket fields in a single location. So, in addition to a busy cricket league schedule, the park is home to at least one big-purse international cricket tournament each year.

Russell Creek offerings

  • x20 full-size sport fields for soccer, lacrosse, rugby or football (70’ x 120’), plus x2 50’ x 80’ fields
  • x2 new synthetic full-sized turf fields, gated
  • x10 of these fields are lighted
  • x7 cricket pitches
  • 200’ fences for 9-10 year olds at 46/65’ dimensions and adaptable to coach pitch at 42/60’ dimensions
  • One ball field is fenced at 275/300/275’ with skinned-surface for adult softball, coach pitch baseball, girls softball or baseball at 50/70’ or 54/80’ using temp mounds

Russell Creek Amenities

  • All flat fields have shaded bleacherettes
  • x4 lighted diamonds with bleacherettes
  • Ball fields have MasterTurf conditioning to hasten play soon after rain
  • 1,625 parking spaces
  • Central concrete pad located next to concessions with shaded tables and seating
  • Permanent seasonal restrooms

“Russell Creek Park is a premier venue for sporting events and with the addition of two synthetic fields, Plano has once again raised the bar in providing top-tier parks.”

— Alysha Carse, Visit Plano Sports Sales Manager

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