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Visit Plano offers many services to help your event operate more efficiently, save costs, and provide better value to your attendees. Many services such as providing registration assistance, printing name badges, and offering brochures and area maps are common offerings of most bureaus. When you work with Visit Plano, however, we strive to elevate our offerings to make your experience here truly exceptional. Here are some of our new and noteworthy services at your disposal:

Online Room Set-Up Design

Utilizing Social Tables, a web-based user friendly version of Auto-CAD, we can collaborate on room setup ideas at Plano Centre and any hotel or meeting space in Plano. Want to see how many people you can fit in the room? Simple! Want to see what a layout with mixed seating types such as couches, banquet rounds, and classroom tables would feel like? Done. With this software, you not only get to see the 2D diagram to scale, but you can also do a digital walk through with a 3D rendering. Other features also include assigning seats for attendees, managing meal options, and flagging VIPs.

Digital Check-In

As the demand for digital increases as well as the desire to be green, a new service we now feature includes e-check-in at events. You or your attendees simply find the name on the registration list and check a box. Have a speaker or VIP that you are waiting to arrive? Flag them in the list and automatically receive a text message, phone call, or email when they arrive so you aren’t stuck at the registration table if you need to be elsewhere managing your event.

Online Housing

Is your event utilizing more than three hotels and you want to make it easy for your attendees to book? Are you having difficulty keeping rooms in the block or tracking pickups before your event to make sure you meet contracted room goals? We’re here to help! We have an online housing service that gives you real time and hands on access to your group’s reservations. This secure and brandable housing site makes it easy for your guests to book at your contracted hotels through one website or over the phone on our dedicated housing line. By logging into the planner control panel, you’ll have the ability to view reservations, see a summary of event performance at one or all properties, import or download rooming lists, manage room blocks and sub-blocks, and see weekly pace reports.

At Visit Plano, our job is to make your job easier. Let us help you make your event planning more efficient and less stressful so that you can focus more of your time and energy where it matters most. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding service to event planners and visitors like you. To discover how we can work together to make your life easier, contact us today!

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