Must See Public Art in Plano

Public Art in Downtown Plano

Updated: 04/24/2024

Plano is making a name for itself in the art community. With the recent additions of 10 public art pieces in the Downtown Plano Arts District, Plano has a colorful new look! Read more about the city’s recent additions and sculptures that represent a part of our land’s history.

Downtown Plano Mural Project

The Downtown Plano Arts District launched the Downtown Mural Project in 2017 in partnership with the Plano Art Association. The goal was to use visual art to celebrate Plano’s history. Residents submitted their own historical photos of Plano to be used in the design of the murals.

A Colorful Mural on the Wall of Georgia’s Farmers’ Market

The first mural, located on the west facing wall of Georgia’s Farmers Market, uses visual art to celebrate Plano’s rich history by incorporating historical elements inspired by Plano’s past. Each of the mural’s five columns is a different color and focuses on elements from historic photos of Plano: a cactus, a windmill, cotton, a water tower, and a train. Artist Will Heron has designed and worked on several other murals in the DFW area since founding the art collective WHERON.

Historic Streetscape on the Wall of Vickery Park

The second mural on the wall of the restaurant Vickery Park is a streetscape depicting commerce in Plano at the turn of the 20th century. It was heavily inspired by the photos submitted by Plano residents for the project. The mural displays a scene from historic Plano with citizens strolling through downtown. The famous Texas Electric Railway interurban railcar is featured, as well as the storefronts of Downtown Plano buildings. Artist Wes Hardin has over 37 years of experience as a muralist and illustrator.

Echowave on Avenue K & 15th Street

The third and final installation of the Downtown Mural Project, “Echowave,” is a 3D mural designed by artist Milan Bender. It can be found on the southwest corner of Avenue K and 15th St in the arts district. Echowave has both visual and audio components, featuring colorful metal representations of sound waves between the letters P-L-A-N-O. The four sound waves each have a corresponding audio segment depicting a historical event from Plano’s past. The four audio segments are about:

  • Plano’s name and origins, narrated by Mayor Harry LaRosiliere
  • The founding of the fire department, narrated by Plano Fire Chief Sam Grief
  • Business and commerce, narrated by James Jolly, Executive Director of the Plano Chamber of Commerce
  • Plano’s railroad heritage, narrated by Robert Haynes, Curator of the Interurban Railway Museum

Downtown Plano Portal Project

Seven sculptures, each depicting a different element of the local arts scene, line a stretch of 15th Street between Central Expressway and G Avenue. They serve as a colorful welcome to the Downtown Plano Arts District. The sculptures were created by artist Joshua Wiener of Boulder, Colorado.

With the completion of the Downtown Plano Portal Project and the Downtown Plano Mural Project, the Downtown Plano Arts District is now home to 10 pieces of public artworks.

Steers at Baccus Plaza

Located within The Shops at Legacy, Baccus Plaza houses a number of landmarks including Baccus Cemetery, which was established in 1847 and is one of the oldest cemeteries in Collin County, and the Trails In Legacy Sculptures, created by Texas native Robert Summers. The work depicts a cattle drive along the Shawnee Trail, one of the main Texas longhorn cattle drive routes before and after the Civil War.

The Shops at Legacy

The Shops at Legacy East and Legacy North both have several public art murals around the property.

Legacy Central

At the southwest corner of Legacy Drive and U.S. Highway 75 is Legacy Central, a new cutting-edge corporate campus that will soon also include apartments and restaurants. Designers included a series of bright murals by artist Adrian Torres.

Plano Art Walk

Leadership Plano Class 37, along with the Plano Arts Coalition, developed the Plano Art Walk, free self-guided tours of notable arts installations, and historic and cultural landmarks in the Historic Downtown Plano Arts District. The tours are free, and can be taken at your leisure, by driving or walking, and there are many interactive tools to enhance the experience. Truly there is something to see and do for everyone of all ages. Find our more on their Facebook and Instagram.

More Art Around Town

Find an interactive map of Plano Art & Art Venues here.

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