Favorite Plano Temptations: OMGelato

OMGelato in Plano

We continue sharing the stories behind some of our favorite food in our next round of great food temptation videos from some of our favorite places in Plano.

So far we’ve enjoyed a wide variety of cuisine – and last month we traveled as far as France with a visit to Edith’s French Bistro. This month, we decided it’s time to enjoy a sweet treat, aka ice cream. Better yet, gelato, from OMGelato, a locally owned gelato shop offering a wide variety of fresh, customizable gelato. Throughout the series, we’ll hear from these tastemakers in our community and discover where their passion comes from. Here on the blog, we’re going to take you behind the scenes every month!

Let’s learn more about OMGelato!

Who wouldn’t want to completely customize their favorite gelato? Reza is the owner’s son at OMGelato and he says this is one of his favorite things about their family-owned business. You can choose your base flavor, toppings, and you can even add an extra syringe of whatever syrup you want!

OMGelato has something for everybody and everything is made fresh-to-order. They even have their nitrogen tank on site, which you can’t miss when you enter the space.

So, how does it work? First decide if you want gelato, sorbet, or a milkshake and select your cup size (or even a cone). Then choose from over 35 milk base flavors, 10 milk/sorbet flavors, and 6 sorbet flavors. Lastly, choose from over 50 toppings and add-ins.

Be sure to check out their Suggestion Menu on their website for some amazing creations that take out the guess work. Creations like the Gianduia Nutella Noce with Nutella, pecans, and strawberries or the Arachide Caramello with caramel, peanut butter, and Snickers won’t leave you disappointed! Reza’s favorite creation is the Rocher with hazelnut gelato, chocolate sauce, hazelnut pieces, and Ferrero Rocher (and for good reason).

It’s worth mentioning that gelato is an Italian dessert that is extremely similar to ice cream but has less fat content. You might think that gelato isn’t as creamy with less fat, but it’s actually creamier since it’s served at a higher temperature.

At OMGelato, everything is made fresh to your order. Once your special creation is made, they use liquid nitrogen to freeze it. Since liquid nitrogen has a temperature of -320 °F, the gelato freezes very fast, causing the ice particles to be as small as possible. The smaller the ice particles, the creamier and smoother the gelato will be.

If gelato isn’t your thing, they also serve coffee, team, cupcakes, bundt cake, cream puffs, and cake balls.

Place orders on-site or order online through their Clover site, linked here. Interested in booking a special event with OMGelato? Complete this form and share your event idea with OMGelato.

3829 Spring Creek Pkwy., Ste #103
Plano, TX 75023

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