Favorite Plano Temptations: Hi, Sweetie

That's Tempting feature Hi, Sweetie with owner Ruinan standing in the store

We continue sharing the stories behind some of our favorite food in our next round of great food temptation videos from some amazing and unique places in Plano.

So far we’ve enjoyed a wide variety of cuisine – last month we traveled to Italy, and enjoyed some freshly made gelato at OMGelato. This month, we wanted to stick with the dessert theme, but try some ice cream. Better yet, Thai-rolled ice cream, from Hi, Sweetie, a locally-owned ice cream shop with a variety of made-to-order, customizable Thai-rolled treats. Throughout the series, we’ll hear from these tastemakers in our community and discover where their passion comes from. Here on the blog, we’re going to take you behind the scenes every month!

Let’s learn more about Hi, Sweetie!

Meet Ruinan, the owner of Hi, Sweetie in Plano. Ruinan believes one of the best things about Hi, Sweetie is that your ice cream is fresh and made-to-order.

Hi, Sweetie opened in 2016 as the second rolled ice cream shop in the DFW metroplex. Ruinan dreamed of owning a business in Plano and though there were so many sweet options, there was nothing like Thai-rolled ice cream.

Hi, Sweetie has something for everybody, besides Thai-rolled ice cream, they offer snow shaved ice and flower pot desserts. They even offer a variety of unique, fun drinks to pick from if you’re looking to quench your thirst.

Try one of their signature milk teas; they have several varieties of fruit tea, fruit milk, and yogurt drinks and they offer them all in the cutest “cutie cartoon” cup. Add black boba, flavored coconut jelly, or flavored popping pearls for a unique spin on the ultimate traditional milk tea drink.

A crowd favorite rolled ice cream, as well as Ruinan’s favorite, is number 5 – the Mango Tango. The base is vanilla ice cream with mango and it’s topped with strawberries, fresh mango, strawberry pocky (Japanese crunchy, sweet biscuit sticks), and mango sauce.

Thai-rolled ice cream is unique because of the quality of ingredients and the presentation of rolled ice cream versus traditional scoops of ice cream. Plus, you get to watch them make your ice cream rolls through glass, which is really cool to see. If you feel overwhelmed when looking at the menu, it’s always worth asking what they recommend, plus, you really can’t go wrong with any choice!

Have you every seen a dessert served in a flower pot? How unique and cool is that? The ice cream base can be vanilla, strawberry, green tea, or chocolate; then choose your topping of crushed Oreos, rainbow cereal, or graham crackers. These garden cups are such a cute sweet treat!

Plan your next visit and give Thai-rolled ice cream a try. They even have an “Order Now” button on their website.

Hi, Sweetie
8604 Preston Rd. Ste. 121
Plano, TX 75024

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