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Written by: Molly O’Connor. Originally posted on MollyOnTheMoveBlog.com. Follow Molly @molly_onthemove

Plano is a hidden gem, especially in terms of restaurants, y’all! Keep reading for where to eat in Plano, TX!

I recently went up to Plano for a little “staycation” to unplug and explore. I feel like we all think of Plano as so far, but it’s the easiest drive and only twenty minutes from Dallas. I stayed at the coolest hotel, The NYLO. It has a very industrial feel and is in the best location – everywhere was 15 minutes or less from us. I slept like a baby and would go back just to sleep in that bed again!

My main objective in heading there was to eat all the things at all the places. They have some GREAT restaurants there and let me remind you, it’s not too far of a drive! Keep reading for where to eat in Plano, TX:

WOW Donuts and Drips

I mentioned WOW in this post and duh, I am obsessed. It’s huge for a donut shop and has great seating. They have grand displays of all their gourmet, crazy donuts, and also have regular ones too. Definitely try one of their fritters!

Whiskey Cake

I’ve known about Whiskey Cake for a long time, but had never been until this weekend. You must go here. We shared Brussel sprouts and local goat cheese fondue and then I somehow managed to shove a HUGE sandwich down my throat. Everything was truly divine and I am eyeing their brunch next!

Press Waffle Co. at Legacy Hall

Anyone else just a really big fan of waffles?! I love when they’re crisp and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. That’s exactly how these tasted. Obviously, we had to go big or go home and we got the “house” waffle with strawberries, Nutella, cookie butter and whipped cream.

Hi Sweetie

I got a kick out of their bottles and just had to go for myself! The drink was actually SO tasty and refreshing. We got a mango green tea with boba. 10/10 recommend and I promise the fun cup will put a smile on your face.

Hiccups and Churroholic

Another place I’d been eyeing for awhile now! A very interesting concept, it’s churros and Asian food. Did not go for the Asian, but I definitely went for the churro. These are VERY good churros, not like those cheap ones that are soggy! We got the fruity pebbles churro and I will definitely be getting that again.

Mexican Sugar

Love this place. It’s adorable and of course, delicious. We got a margarita flight which was fun and then I got their mango Napa chicken salad. Divine!

Meccha Matcha

If you like matcha, you need to come here! They have so many variations of matcha foods to get. We got a strawberry matcha and it was the perfect drink to sip on the way home.

If you’re looking for new restaurants to try, definitely come to Plano to check out all they have.

Thank you so much to Visit Plano for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
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