The Best Things to Do in Plano, Texas: Your Ultimate Guide

Best Things to Do in Plano Texas balloon mural

An excerpt from a blog written by: Vessy Smith, Feel Good & Travel.

When most people think of visiting the great state of Texas, they usually plan to see the Alamo and San Antonio, the Capitol Building in Austin, NASA in Houston, and perhaps tour the JFK assassination site in Dallas. As you can imagine, however, there is a lot more to Texas than these few renowned sites, and venturing off the beaten path just might take you to a place you find unexpectedly enjoyable.

One place that fits this description is Plano, a city located about 20 miles north of Dallas. There, you will discover an abundance of shopping and dining options as well as attractions for the whole family. We had the pleasure of visiting recently and got inspired to share our insights about all the great things to do in Plano.

We were surprised to find out how much Plano has to offer. Even though we tried to experience as much as possible, there were still plenty of things we didn’t get to!

One attraction that the whole family might enjoy is Crayola Experience, located at The Shops at Willow Bend. There, the kiddos can participate in a variety of fun and creative activities that are sure to keep them busy for a while. Purchase discounted tickets here.

Whether you enjoy shopping and dining, history and art, or simply walking in the park, Plano can deliver. It has a bit of everything and something for everyone. So, be sure to stop by next time you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!

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