Here is How to Celebrate Black History Month in Plano

In Plano, Texas, we put the charm in southern charm by celebrating the rich cultures that make our city diverse. While Plano takes great pride in the many ethnicities and cultures that make up the heart of Texas, each February, we focus on Black History.

Black History Month provides a month-long recognition of the celebrations and achievements of African Americans. It is also a time to reflect on struggles, perseverance, and how this has shaped history.

Here is how to celebrate Black History Month in Plano:

Discover Cultural Roots at The Plano African American Museum

Kick off your Black History Month celebration at the Plano African American History Museum. Nestled in the historically significant Douglass Community, the Plano African American History Museum (PAAM) looks at African American history, from the struggles of slavery to the modern successes of African Americans today.

When entering PAAM, you step back into a time capsule, representing over 100 years of history through home décor, everyday tools, furnishings, and other artifacts of the 1800s. The center also has rotating exhibits, many offering interactive ways to discover history and culture.

In February, the Plano African American History Museum will host the Jas Mardis Exhibit. The opening reception begins on February 2nd and will feature Jay Mardis’ quilts. Mardis is known for his wood, fabric, and metal artistry, featuring cultural art that represents the Black experience.

Savor The Flavor of Diversity in Plano

Plano’s culinary scene is like no other, which is also true in its deliciously diverse dining options. There are plenty of Black-owned restaurants that not only serve up meals but also offer stories and traditions on a plate. Whether you are looking for soul food or want to try a creative dish inspired by African roots, Plano has you covered.

Here are just a few amazing black-owned Plano, Texas restaurants to try:

Southern Gourmet Kitchen

At Southern Gourmet Kitchen, located in Prestonwood Park, you can experience southern comfort – gourmet style. Enjoy appetizers like fried green tomatoes with SGK signature sauce or smoked turkey collard green egg rolls. You can also try entrees like “Taste of the South” fried catfish, which is smothered in the chef’s secret sauce and served with jalapeno tartar sauce and you-pick-it side item. Reservations are encouraged as Southern Gourmet Kitchen gets booked fast.

Roots Chicken Shak

Known for Chef Tiffany Derry’s famous duck-fat fried chicken, Roots Chicken Shak, is inspired by the chef’s southern upbringing and draws from locally sourced ingredients. At Roots Chicken Shak you can find no shortage of chicken from wings and chicken strips to the staple sandwiches – The Big Bird or the Spicy Bird. Enjoy southern beverages like the orange sweet tea or try their delicious banana pudding for dessert.

Taste of the Islands

Located on Spring Creek Pkwy, Taste of the Islands offers Caribbean dishes that will make you feel like your tastebuds are in the tropics. Try jerk tilapia filet, jerk chicken, or some of their other island dishes. Taste of the Islands also has a mini-mart on site and offers fun happenings such as open mic nights.

Vegan Vibrationz

Head over to Legacy Hall for Vegan Vibrationz, a plant-based restaurant spearheaded by Chef Jovan Cole. Grab a smoked BBQ jackfruit sandwich or a MLT (maple-hickory mushroom bacun, lettuce and tomato). Vegan Vibrationz also offers smoothies and juices to help fuel your day. 

Immerse Yourself in Plano’s Diversity All Year Long

In Plano, we embrace the spirit of diversity and community all year long. There are a host of culturally rich events to try, an amazing dining scene, and unique activities and attractions waiting to be discovered in the heart of Texas. Start planning your trip today and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Plano, Texas.

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