Favorite Plano Temptations: Ye Ole Butcher Shop

Ye Ole Butcher Shop in Plano, TX - headshot of owner's son, Joshua Sparks.

Welcome to the last installment in our series, That’s Tempting, where we’ve taken a closer look at some favorite restaurants in Plano – and in our opinion, in all of Texas. We’ve had so much fun producing this series over the last 4 years, but it’s time to evolve the concept and to showcase more tempting things to do in Plano. We will continue to support our restaurant community in other ways and can’t wait for you to see what’s next!

So far we’ve enjoyed a variety of delicious treats and eats – recently, we experienced authentic dumplings, Nashville style hot chicken, and Spanish tapas. This month, we’re trying some uniquely tasty burgers.

Let’s go to Ye Ole Butcher Shop!

Meet Joshua Sparks whose father, Jeff Sparks, owns Ye Ole Butcher Shop in the Downtown Plano Arts District. Jeff worked at the shop when he was a teenager; at the time it was owned by Bob Giddiens, who trained Jeff then sold him the business in 1986. Joshua is proud to be part of and work in the family business alongside his dad.

Ye Ole Butcher Shop doubles as a meat market and a burger joint. Their in-restaurant meat case holds a modest selection of steaks, briskets, roasts, and chops. What makes Ye Ole Butcher shop so great is that you can buy a steak or a whole side of beef, a pork loin or the whole hog, and enjoy a fresh hamburger while you wait! Customers return time after time because of the consistent freshness of the meat. Like their website says, “Fresher is always better, whether it’s a side of beef or an elk burger.” Jeff says the biggest seller is the ground beef that he grinds fresh daily.

Old-fashioned hamburgers and buffalo burgers are served daily, but the famous elk burger is offered on Wednesdays only. Joshua jokes that the elk burger tastes like you are on a trip in the Rocky Mountains around a camp fire with your friends.

But, in all honesty, their elk meat is ground fresh in-store every Wednesday morning. The nearly half-pound elk burger patty is richer and juicer than a regular beef patty. The elk patty is seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic seasoning then is grilled and topped with cheese, your favorite veggies, and condiments. Joshua likes his elk burger with cheese and mayo only.

If you can’t indulge in the elk burger on Wednesday, there is plenty of other menu items to try like turkey burgers, smoked turkey legs, sausage on a stick, and several sandwich items like smoked sausage, smoked turkey, grilled chicken, BBQ, and hot link. Sides include fries, onion rings, and tator tots.

Venture over to the historic Downtown Plano Arts District and experience Ye Ole Butcher Shop for yourself! 

Ye Ole Butcher Shop
811 E. 15th St.
Plano, TX 75074

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