Favorite Plano Temptations: Dumpling House

Dumpling House owner, Megan

We continue sharing the stories behind some of our favorite food in our next round of great food temptation videos from some fabulous restaurants in Plano.

So far we’ve enjoyed a wide variety of cuisine – we experienced traditional tapas-style Spanish cuisine, we experienced Mexican food, then an American burger and champagne, to Indian eats, and some Nashville hot chicken. We’ve even had a focus on ice cream here and gelato here! This month, we’re trying some Asian fare from Dumpling House. Throughout the series, we’ll hear from these tastemakers in our community and discover where their passion comes from. Here on the blog, we’re going to take you behind the scenes every month!

Let’s go to Dumpling House!

Meet Megan who strives to make you feel at home at Dumpling House. Megan says that eating at Dumpling House is like eating her family’s cooking, and they’re so happy to have you! When they moved to Texas in 2015, they tried to find an authentic Chinese restaurant that specialized in handmade soup dumplings, but quickly realized they’d have to open a restaurant themselves. 

Dumpling House’s mission is to make you feel like you’re eating traditional Chinese food with family. Located in Plano, Dumpling House offers a large menu with a variety of customer favorites like the soup dumplings, soup, lo mein, and more! Megan explains that they named the restaurant Dumpling House because not only do they specialize in it, but it’s something that her mom made for her all the time throughout her childhood.

At Dumpling House, try a variety of their handmade namesake items like beef, pork, shrimp and cabbage dumplings. Another must-try are their handmade pancakes; available in chive, chicken, beef, green onion, and beef burrito. Take a classic lo mein dish to the next level with dishes like jalapeño chicken lo mein, hot spicy chicken fried rice noodles, and Singapore-style fried rice noodles. Dumpling House also serves traditional Chinese dishes like sesame and orange chicken, broccoli beef, and chicken fried rice.

Megan’s favorite dish at Dumpling House are the soup dumplings because it promises a delicious experience rooted in homemade goodness. This dish is made up of a homemade dough, their secret recipe of spices and vegetables mixed with meat, and steamed to perfection. Are you drooling yet? Megan even shows us the best method to eating a soup dumpling, check it out here:

Dumpling House is open for lunch (10:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.) and dinner (5 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.), and they offer a full to-go menu for pick-up or delivery so you can enjoy the comfort of their authentic Chinese offerings from the comfort of your own home.

Dumpling House
221 W Parker Rd #525
Plano, TX 75023

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