Favorite Plano Temptations: Bavette Grill

Bavette Grill bavette steak and fries

Re-introducing That’s Tempting, Visit Plano’s foodie video series now in its fourth year! Our goal this year is to share more of the stories behind the food in a new round of great food temptation videos from some new, popular, and hidden gem restaurants in Plano.

Throughout the series we’ll hear from these tastemakers in our community and discover where their passion comes from. Here on the blog we’re going to take you behind the scenes every month!

We’re excited to kick off with Bavette Grill.

Brothers-in-law David Jeiel and Alex Nunes are the owners of Bavette Grill; they also own EG Steak Brazilian Steakhouse nearby. David Jeiel is from Brazil and he and Alex were determined to bring authentic Brazilian cuisine to Plano. They are close friends, which is a fun little fact.

The joy of opening your own restaurant is being able to share your childhood favorite foods – and you can tell David really loves the Bavette Steak.

A Bavette Steak is usually a cut of flank steak and it’s very popular in Brazil. At the Bavette Grill they’ve elevated this dish while maintaining its traditional flavor profile. 

They’ve done this a couple of ways, specifically, all steaks are US Prime; they “wet age” them for 50 days (a process in which meat is vacuum-sealed in plastic and allowed to age; the process allows enzymes in the trapped juices to break down collagen between muscle fibers, increasing tenderness) and they prepare a special three day marinade.

The in-house made marinade is made up of pineapple, ginger and a touch of soy, creating a sweet char on the steak when grilled.

The bavette steak is served either as a main course with garlic herb fries or as a salad on top of a bed of mixed greens, sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, and sesame ginger dressing. However, you’ll notice that in the video David is enjoying a side of their decadent mac & cheese which we highly recommend.

We focused on the bavette steak, but there are so many other dishes to love. The butcher burger (a bavette and short rib blend) is one, and the bacon Brussel sprouts are definitely worth trying. We also hear their deviled eggs make for the perfect appetizer.

There is no kids menu here, so save the Bavette Grill for that perfect date night. They are currently offering dine-in, curbside, and takeout.

Bavette Grill
8100 N Dallas Pkwy, Suite 115
Plano, Texas 75024

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