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July 14, 2018 / Millerann Moya / / Comments

Cool Off with These Plano Sweet Treats

Hold the diet for a minute and treat yourself! Here is a list of some cold sweet treats to help you beat the heat this summer – or to just satisfy that sweet tooth craving any time of year.

If you’re in for a mesmerizing and sinfully good treat, check out the hot trend of rolled ice cream at The Shops at Willow Bend food court. The menu is fairly simple: pick a flavor of ice cream for the base (either original, green tea or chocolate) then choose up to two mix-ins. Once the rolls have been made, customers have the option to select an unlimited amount of toppings as a finishing touch. One order is equal to two scoops of traditional ice cream

We just met the next generation of “popsicles,” and they’re at Legacy Hall! Nothing about these pops are artificial, processed, or colored; all you’ll find is naked goodness. Built from a passion for nutrition, these tasty treat alternatives are perfect for any season. Try it as a bowl as well!

Sun tan lines, salty ocean breezes and the sweet smell of sunscreen…come take a mental beach vacation at the Hawaiian Shaved Ice stand inside the Legacy Hall Box Garden. Think bright, sweet flavors, mounds of fluffy white ice and, for a little extra indulgence, splash in your favorite spirit.

Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream is an iconic Plano ice cream shop. Their motto: Ice Cream Makes You Pretty. Henry’s has been satisfying sweet tooths for over 34 years. Their award-winning flavors are also sold at various restaurants in Plano and the Dallas area. Favorites include: chocolate almond, strawberry, black raspberry, vanilla fudge, vanilla OREO®, maple, chocolate peanut butter, butter pecan, and so many more.

Recently opened at The Shops at Legacy, Kilwins offers 24 flavors of their famous “original recipe” ice cream and you can get it in a made-in-store waffle cone! Don’t skip on the hand-made chocolate fudge and caramel, either!

Snow ice is not just shaved ice, frozen yogurt, or ice cream. In fact, it is a combination of all three! Sno Tea slices frozen blocks of ice into thin ribbon-like layers creating a delicious and aesthetically pleasing dessert. The snow-like texture is unique in appearance, softer, and creamier to taste than traditional shaved ice. With more than 15 flavors and 2,610 combos to choose from, its rich taste contains less than 200 calories per serving (per regular size), so treat yourself!

Surely you’ve heard of Sprinkles Cupcakes by now. But did you know they also have quiet the selection of ice cream? Sprinkles takes on another beloved American classic with Sprinkles Ice Cream. Handcrafted using organic California dairy and carefully selected ingredients, Sprinkles is slow churned to incorporate less air resulting in a densely creamy and intensely flavorful ice cream experience. Scooped into crisp red velvet waffle cones, pressed between fluffy cupcake tops or piled high into sundaes loaded with housemade sauces and toppings, Sprinkles Ice Cream is a back to basics creamery with a Sprinkles twist! Stop by the Legacy West location to try this tasty treat!

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