A Dog Owner’s Guide To Preparing For A Plano Vacation

Dog Friendly hotels in Plano

Written by: Jane Johnson, freelance writer. 

37% of pet owners take their furry friends on vacation with them each year, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA). Plano is the perfect vacation spot for dog owners as it is proudly dog-friendly, and even has its own theater for dogs. But to ensure that you and your pet pooch have the trip of a lifetime in Plano, you need to ensure that you’ve got everything in order before you set off.

Double-Check Your Hotel Is Dog-Friendly

Plano is home to multiple dog-friendly hotels, including Staybridge Suites and Sandman Signature Plano. More than 65% of hotel bookings are made online, but before booking a room on the net, you should give the hotel a call to double-check that it’s still dog-friendly, as they may have changed their policy. Similarly, you should check whether there are any surcharges to pay for booking your canine pal into a room with you.

Get A Microchip

It is not mandatory in the U.S. to microchip a dog; however, you should always ensure that your dog is chipped when you’re traveling away from home. It’s estimated that 10 million dogs go missing in the U.S. each year. By having a microchip inserted in your dog, the pair of you will be happily reunited should your hound get overexcited during his stay in Plano and decide to wander off on his own.

Car Safety

Car safety is crucial when you’re going on a trip with your dog. Ideally, you should stop every two hours to give your hound the chance to stretch his legs and go to the toilet. You should also ensure that your dog is ready for a long trip on the road by regularly taking him out in the car in the weeks before your trip to Plano. Consider going on a shopping trip with your pooch before you head to Plano, too, as just 16% of dog owners say that they restrain their pooch in the car. For optimum safety during your travels, your dog will require a pet seat belt, harness or travel crate.

Pack a Doggy Bag

Your dog will need his own bag for his trip to Plano. You should pack his food, treats, water and food bowls, a blanket, his favorite toy, a dog first aid kit, and medication. It’s also worth packing dog shampoo, a towel and a brush so that you can give your hound a good clean after a muddy walk and play in Jack Carter Dog Park. Although it’s unlikely to fit in his bag, don’t forget your dog’s bed, as most dogs won’t settle in a bed provided by the hotel if it has previously been used by another animal.

Get Vet Checked

Before heading to Plano, it’s advisable to get your dog health checked by your local vet. They’ll also check that all his vaccinations are up to date and that he is healthy enough to travel. You should also have the details handy of a Plano veterinarian near to where you are staying. Dogs can fall ill or injure themselves quickly, so knowing that you have a local vet to call on should you need to will put your mind at rest.

As one of the most dog-friendly cities in Texas, Plano is the perfect location for vacationers to travel to with their four-legged friends. To ensure that your trip to Plano is one to remember for all the right reasons, make sure you spend time perfecting the finer details of your trip, including the hotel and your dog’s travel bag.

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Cover photo credit: Chelsea Evans at Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park

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