Meet Plano’s Hot Air Balloon, “Excellence”

Plano balloon

Updated: 04/24/2020

Did you know Plano has its own hot air balloon?

Plano has a rich history of hot air ballooning due to nearly four decades of hosting the Plano Balloon Festival. You can’t be called the “Hot Air Balloon Capital of Texas” and not have your very own hot air balloon! Meet “Excellence” which debuted May 2016 during National Travel & Tourism Week.

“Excellence” is a 2016 Cameron XL-70 racer hot air balloon weighing 700 pounds and it reaches a whopping 6.5 stories tall. The unique design allows for the balloon to be more maneuverable in flying conditions. The balloon is powered by two 24 million BTU propane powered burners. It can lift an additional 700 lbs of passenger weight on a normal flight. “Excellence” is the third hot air balloon for the City of Plano.

“Excellence” travels and attends other hot air balloon festivals to promote Plano and our very own festival held each September at Oak Point Park Nature Preserve.

Cover photo credit: The League Lady
Video credit: City of Plano

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