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Sports Teams

Talk about having it all! You must be talking about the sports facilities and services in Plano – the fields, courts, ice and courses’ are second to none in the nation. Our incredible sports support infrastructure enables us to run the best competitions in the industry, amateur and non-traditional alike. Our team is yours when it comes to service. We will help you find partners to build your success story here. Our hotels, entertainment, dining and shopping accommodate the most diverse budgets and preferences. And, we’re just a few minutes north of Dallas. Call today and we’ll treat you like a champion.


wooden basketball courts with meeting spaces

Home of the Prime Time Sports National Basketball Championship.


acres of public outdoor venues & 35 miles of trails

Home of the NJCAA Men's National Tennis Championship.


Tennis, Basketball & Softball fields and an array of multi-use venues

Home of the Elite Sports Fast pitch College Showcase