Get A TollTag

TollTags do not work on rental vehicles. You can add a rental vehicle to your account, but toll transactions are not at the lower TollTag rate –transactions will be deducted from the TollTag account at the ZipCash rate. To receive the lower TollTag rate, there must be a TollTag sticker affixed to the windshield and assigned to the license plate of the vehicle. Since rentals are for a temporary period, a sticker TollTag is not assigned to that vehicle. Once the vehicle is returned, you must remember to remove the rental vehicle from the account or the TollTag account will continue to be charged.

Where Your TollTag Will Take You!
The journey doesn’t stop at state lines. Use your TollTag to explore all of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and most of Florida with the same ease and convenience. In the future, your TollTag may include additional access to the Orlando area of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina toll roads.


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