Pickleball Kingdom Plano

Pickleball Kingdom – Plano offers both private and semi-private meeting spaces.

Features and Amenities

Their conference room with boardroom-style table comfortably seats 10, providing an ideal setting for focused meetings, presentations, or small gatherings. The Community Room is another space option for larger gatherings, with tables and chairs available, accommodating up to 50 people.

Additionally, their Champion’s Lounge and spacious Upper Mezzanine lofted seating area accommodates up to 30 people, offering a flexible environment for larger groups, team-building activities, or casual get-togethers. For a unique twist, the court area can also be rented for gameplay or as additional meeting space, enhancing your event experience.

All spaces are equipped with AV amenities/hook-ups for each TV to ensure a seamless experience, making Pickleball Kingdom Plano the perfect venue for your next meeting or event. For more details, give them a call at 469-969-0000 or email info@pickleballkingdomntx.com.

Photos by CS9Sports

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1301 Custer Rd.

Suite 200

Plano, TX 75075

Phone: 469-969-0000