What’s Cluckin?

If you are hunting for a chicken restaurant in Plano, Texas, that serves traditional fried chicken, then be sure to check out What’s Cluckin’ while you are in town. This deep-fried paradise in Preston Park offers chicken by the piece, wings, gizzards, livers, and more.
This fried chicken restaurant offers tongue-in-cheek menu items such as the “Can’t Make Up My Cluckin’ Mind” combo, which includes combos of fish filet, wings, shrimp, and more. You can add a side for just $1.00 under their combo items, including sides of French fries, breaded okra, onion rings, tater tots, hushpuppies, or mushrooms.
There are also single menu options where you can buy chicken wings in sets of 3, 5, 7, or 12 and chicken pieces (dark or white) in 2, 4, or a 4-piece mix. Compliment your chicken with sauces ranging from traditional to Chicago Mild, Hot, BBQ, and Lemon Pepper.
Enjoy daily specials from this famous fried chicken restaurant, such as discounted wing day on Tuesdays or a 20-piece mix for $26.99 on Sundays. No matter when you go, you can always enjoy good chicken at What’s Cluckin’ in Plano, Texas.

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6505 W Park Blvd


Plano, TX 75093

Phone: 972-820-8200