Urban Seafood Company

Capture undersea vibes at Urban Seafood Company, a premier seafood restaurant in Plano, Texas. This establishment is renowned for its wood-grilled fish and shellfish dishes, served in a sleek and modern interior that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
You can expect plenty of oceanic favorites, such as mussels, crab cakes, or crispy creel, a mixture of fresh fried clams and calamari. Urban Seafood Company also has signature seafood dishes such as Nantucket seafood pasta, cioppino, or crab stuffed shrimp.
If you like fresh seafood, you are in luck because Urban Seafood Company also offers Texas Red Fish or North Atlantic Salmon straight from the wood grill. If you are craving turf, there are plenty of land options, such as filet mignon or rosemary chicken. Don’t forget about the fresh catches of the day, which include rotating seafood, wood-grilled lemon butter, chimichurri, and lobster brandy choice of one side.
Urban Seafood Company is a Plano, Texas staple and a must-visit when visiting the lone star state and craving local seafood.

Connect with us

1104 14th St

Ste 100

Plano, TX 75074

Phone: 214-251-8771