Press Waffle Co at Legacy Hall

If you are in a waffle mood, head to Legacy Food Hall to try Press Waffle Co. This restaurant offers a unique take on Belgian waffles by recreating an authentic Liége waffle that is reinvented for modern taste buds. These waffles are known for being made from dough (not batter) and includes caramelized clusters of Belgian pearl sugar.
Some waffles include the House Waffle, made with fresh strawberries, cookie butter, and Nutella, and the Southern Belle, which includes tangy lemon curd, fresh blue blueberries, and house-made whipped cream on top. There are also fun and unique waffles like The Elvis, The Happy Camper, The American, or you can get creative and build your own!
If your sweet tooth runs a little deeper, there are waffle ice cream sandwiches or a hot coffee or cold brew.
Waffle is the place to go whether you’re a seasoned waffle connoisseur or you’ve never had one before. If you’re ever in Plano, Texas, you owe it to yourself to try the waffles at Press Waffle Co. at Legacy Hall.

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