Dock Local at Legacy Hall

Dock Local at Legacy Food Hall brings the unique tastes of coastal cuisine right to Plano, Texas. Spearheaded by Chef Brett and Chef Tim, this oceanic restaurant offers a fantastic coastal experience.
Enjoy starters like garlic lobster fries or hot crab queso before you dive into local entrees. These include dynamite shrimp, fish n’ chips, lobster grilled cheese, and more. At Dock Local, you can also find your new favorite seafood roll, such as the lobster grinder, which consists of responsibly sourced Atlantic salmon (claw and knuckle) served with mayo, chives, cilantro, and garlic butter. You can also try the Maine roll, the Connecticut, or the Surf n Turf, a signature roll created monthly by guests and the Dock Local culinary team.
When you eat at Dock Local, you’re not just dining at a coastal restaurant but are taken right to sandy beaches and ocean views through the many seafood options available.

Connect with us

7800 Windrose Ave

LH 1-04

Plano, TX 75024

Phone: 214-493-2120