Chef Chin’s Hibachi Ramen at Legacy Hall

Located on the 1st floor of Legacy Food Hall, Chef Chin’s Hibachi & Ramen is a restaurant destination that brings the art of hibachi right to Plano, Texas. Led by Chef Chin Liang, who started as a hibachi chef himself and is known for Hōru Sushi Kitchen, Chef Chin’s Hibachi & Ramen showcases Chef Chin’s culinary expertise with hibachi and ramen alike.
If you are looking for traditional hibachi, whether with soy or teriyaki, you can enjoy options like fresh vegetables, chicken, NY strip steak, filet mignon, and more. Try your hibachi mix with fried rice or stir-fry yakisoba noodles.
For those wondering where to get ramen, Chef Chin’s Hibachi & Ramen offers shoyu (chicken broth, cha shu pork, egg, bamboo shoot, seaweed, and scallion), miso, fried chicken, grilled steak, tonkatsu (pork broth, cha shu pork, egg bamboo shoot, wood ear mushroom, and scallion), as well as many other ramen noodle flavors. Try a variety of sides, or go for a Japanese cheesecake for dessert.
If you are looking for a hibachi restaurant experience offering ramen with the highest quality ingredients, check out Chef Chin’s Hibachi & Ramen in Legacy Food Hall.

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7800 Windrose Ave

Stall 17

Plano, TX 75024