Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream Co at Legacy Hall

Located on the ground floor of Legacy Food Hall, Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream Co. is a must-visit for ice cream enthusiasts everywhere. You can enjoy classics like vanilla or chocolate or experience creative and fun flavors such as Mo’ Butter, which includes butterscotch, caramel sauce, and toffee peanut popcorn, or the Midnight in Paris, which includes vanilla, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and raspberries.
The restaurant’s daring take on sweets separates Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream Co. from other ice cream shops. For adventurous palettes, there are spiked milkshakes such as strawberry with a shot of vodka or chocolate s’mores with a shot of rye.
The next time you are looking for ice cream in Plano, Texas, check out Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream Co. at Legacy Hall for a fun and exciting ice cream adventure.

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7800 Windrose Ave

LH 118

Plano, TX 75024