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North Texas Masonic Historical Museum & Library

1414 Avenue J Plano, TX 75074

Title: North Texas Masonic Historical Museum & Library

Category: Attractions

Phone Number: 972-754-5112


The history of North Texas and the history of Masonry in North  Texas are one and the same. The first settlers to the North Texas area arrived in the 1840’s.  The first Masonic Lodge located  in the area that would become the City of Plano, Texas was chartered in 1859 and ceased operations in 1888.  The second Masonic Lodge was chartered six years later in 1894 and continues  its operations today.  By the turn of the century, there  were over 30  lodges  in the North Texas area.   With a tradition spanning  more than 147 years in Plano, more than 170 years in Texas and more than 300 years in the  United States of America,  Masons have played an important part in the cultural, social, economic, and political development of communities throughout North Texas and our Nation.   The North Texas Masonic Historical  Museum & Library houses and preserves this history to utilize and disseminate this collective knowledge for Masons, historians, scholars and the public.

Open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm except for holidays.