Cheeky Monkeys

Cheeky Monkeys is an “edutainment” softplay area & kids birthday celebration destination from 10 months to 8 years old. It provides an unparalleled arena for daily social and educational interactions focused on children and teachers and children and parents.
The family entertainment center boasts various features, including a soft play area, the Monkey Clubhouse, a blocks station, organized activities, and an arts & crafts station. Designed to foster fun and learning, Cheeky Monkeys offers an environment where children can engage in physical activities, imaginative play, and creative pursuits. Visitors can participate in dance classes, puppet shows, baby yoga, and more immersive experiences throughout the day.
Not only is Cheeky Monkeys an ideal setting for daily learning and play activities with peers and family, but it is also a hub for family entertainment. The facility also offers free wi-fi for parents. The center also specializes in hosting birthday celebrations, providing everything from themed party rooms to entertainment and catering services. Cheeky Monkeys ensures a memorable experience for children, combining play, learning, and celebration in a safe and stimulating environment in Plano, Texas.

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8300 Preston Road


Plano, TX 75024

Phone: 214-407-7007