The Lexus Box Garden at Legacy Hall

The Lexus Box Garden at Legacy Hall in Plano, Texas, stands out as a premier outdoor venue renowned for its dynamic outdoor entertainment scene. Legacy Hall is a large food hall that offers a variety of ways to satisfy your appetite with 20 artisanal food vendors. These restaurants range from old-fashioned Texas BBQ to vegan eateries. Many restaurants offer mobile ordering, and there is table delivery sitewide.
However, while the food at Legacy Hall is the obvious draw, the Lexus Box Garden is an outdoor venue that will elevate your experience to the next level. Enriched by its partnership with Lexus, this outdoor concert hub is a focal point for various events, including live music performances, movie screenings, and community gatherings. You can find everything from big game watch parties to local and national artists to special “mix tape” nights featuring talented DJs.
As an open-air setting, the Lexus Box Garden provides a unique atmosphere for both daytime and evening events, blending the excitement of outdoor concerts with the comfort of modern amenities. This venue showcases top-notch entertainment and offers a great view of the Plano, Texas, music scene and its top-notch culinary scene.

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