Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Situated on 200 acres near Plano, Texas, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve provides a tranquil haven for wildlife lovers, walking enthusiasts, and those seeking a more challenging running or jogging experience. Wildlife that has been spotted include various species of toads, snakes, birds, insects, and mammals such as the nine-banded armadillo, cottontail, skunks, and raccoons. It’s a perfect place to grab a journal and a camera.
Visitors can enjoy the park’s three miles of paved nature trails and the same length of unpaved walkways. The yearly average temperature of Plano, Texas, and its temperate climate make it a perfect place for a pleasant outside stroll.
In addition, mountain bikers may enjoy a 2.8-mile off-road trail at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve visitors can also find restrooms, a covered pavilion, and a playground for kids. The pavilion is available for reservation and is perfect for hosting special events amidst the natural beauty of Plano, Texas. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve reflects Plano’s dedication to maintaining green spaces and enhancing outdoor activities for locals and tourists.

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